Why Involve Family Volunteers?

Recent times have been especially challenging for non-profit and philanthropic organizations. Funding is tight, and many agencies seem to be constantly understaffed and over stressed. The Volunteer Family was formed to address this need for additional help. Our goal is to strengthen the familial bonds of our community while helping local agencies like yours achieve your objectives. When your organization works with TVF to undertake a family volunteering initiative, you will enjoy immediate and direct benefits. You will:

  • Broaden your outreach to the community
  • Expand and diversify your volunteer population
  • Enhance service effectiveness
  • Grow future generations of volunteers and supporters
  • Provide role models for clients
  • Improve community image and relations
  • Find new ways of meeting needs and solving problems with new perspectives

How We Can Help You! As you know, developing appealing assignments is the key to any successful volunteer effort. Your mission is uniquely important, and our primary goal is to help you achieve your objectives. Depending on your needs, we can help you expand your existing volunteer jobs or develop new projects that would appeal to families and contribute to your mission. TVF can even offer helpful hints for more effectively supervising and recognizing family volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please email us at info@thevolunteerfamily.org