Sponsoring Family Volunteering

In addition to the benefits of strengthening families, helping non-profit organizations, and enhancing our communities, there are numerous reasons why corporations might want to sponsor family volunteerism.

  • We can provide a comprehensive list of ongoing and one-time volunteering opportunities for your employees. We are capable of sharing our database with any company, using a customized login code. If you become a sponsor, you will be able to search opportunities for your employees or clients, and we will publicize any one-time opportunities that your company is offering on our site. The cost of hiring a volunteer coordinator for your employees is significantly higher than becoming a sponsor of TVF. In addition, employees will view this capability as a corporate benefit.
  • The effect of your marketing will result in national, regional, and local exposure in target markets. School administrators, church groups, and community leaders look to our site for community volunteering activities. This is truly a powerful way to market your products while also helping the community.
  • When a corporation decides to sponsor an agency, they are usually careful to ensure that the social issues involved will not discriminate against or alienate any of their employees or clients. Supporting Family Volunteerism will result in benefits to a range of non-profit agencies, communities, and individuals. The unbiased nature of TVF will result in overall increased employee morale and customer loyalty.

We are a very small 501(c)(3) organization that is having a big impact on the world.  For our complete financials, check us out on guidestar.  If you would like to talk further about a partnership, please contact