How Should I Begin: Benefits of Family Volunteering

Family volunteering strengthens families and strengthens our community. When you decide to become a family volunteer, you are not only contributing to an important cause, but you are also helping your family and children in ways you never thought possible. Here is a sample of benefits your family and your community can achieve through family volunteering.

  • Children are able to develop compassion and an understanding for others. Not only will involving children in the decision-making process and volunteer activity help them feel appreciated and respected, but the volunteer activity will also enable them to acquire new skills.
  • Parents can help others while spending more time with their kids, passing on important values, and sharing meaningful conversations in a positive environment.
  • Nonprofits are often understaffed and overstressed and need additional help. Family volunteering helps them broaden their outreach to the community while improving community image and relations — 97% of social service agencies that involved families found it to be very effective. Depending on their interests, family volunteers may want to help many types of non-profits, including the homeless, the sick and disabled, the elderly, children, animals, and the environment.
  • Society benefits from family volunteering, as it is a natural multiplier of volunteers. Studies show that children who volunteer are much more likely to continue as adults and carry on the tradition with their own children.