Do you want to volunteer as a family, but you can’t seem to find organizations that will accept you and your kids? Neither could I.

After I had my first child, I became acutely aware of the importance of family and community and how the two are interrelated. Every parent wants to raise a happy, healthy child, but as we are well aware, the communities our children live in play a vital role in shaping their thoughts, values and experiences. Often times, when we have a family to look after, we often put community service on the back burner. I realized that if could find a way to spend more time with my children and volunteer at the same time, I could teach them to care for others while we contributed to an important cause together. After months of research, I discovered that there are opportunities for family volunteering, but finding them was a difficult and time-consuming task. Thus, I started The Volunteer Family, a nonprofit 501(c)(3)organization. In the past 10 years, we have connected 20,000 people like you with organizations who are willing to accept family volunteers.

The Volunteer Family’s programming has enabled kids to discover the joy of giving back. They have volunteered for causes such as providing relief to earthquake victims, building homes for homeless families, and feeding the growing number of hungry children. We have learned that children seem to innately understand that the key to effective giving is to offer tools, hope, and resources to enable us, person by person and community by community, to provide comfort and direction to confused teens, coats and mittens to needy families, reassurance and connection to lonely seniors.

It has been an honor and a privilege to hear all of your inspiring stories over the years! Thank you for sharing them.

Heather Jack

Founder, The Volunteer Family

TVF Family Pic
The Volunteer Family is led by founder, Heather Jack.  If you would like to reach Heather directly, please send an email to or visit her site

Our Board of Directors is comprised of a variety of talented individuals. We are grateful to each of their contributions and areas of expertise.The Volunteer Family’s board has transitioned over to the Future Philanthropists board, so for specific information about our board members, please visit

Big-Hearted Families offers simple, fun and engaging activities for your family to live generously. Some projects are short and simple while others are more involved. Some take planning, while others require spontaneity. There are ideas to suit every family’s style.

Sign up for the newsletter if you want to do activities which will help your children become more compassionate and caring. It’s a fabulous resource!

The Future Philanthropists program, founded in 2009, provides youth with the inspiration, knowledge, and opportunities to make a difference in their communities.

By entrusting youth to give away real money to nonprofit organizations, the Future Philanthropists program teaches youth about the needs within their own communities, their role as active citizens, and the meaning of “giving back.” Using teamwork, collaboration and leadership skills, students are empowered to help the most deserving charities while simultaneously strengthening their ability to write, create effective budgets, and present to one another.

With the support of several foundations, including the Highland Street Foundation and the Tufts Health Plan Foundation, this program has enabled over 6000 youth to donate $400,000 to community based organizations.

The Future Philanthropists program is truly a win-win; in addition to helping many local charities and people in need, it is a life-changing experience for the students involved.

We are proud to work with Bright Horizons on a number of different projects, and are happy to have them as our primary sponsor.

Please check out the webinars we have done with Bright Horizons on raising a Socially Responsible Child.

You can stay in touch with Bright Horizons through the Mom to Mom Blog, Facebook and/or Twitter.